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Who needs HEV-Absorb? 

In this digital age, we all need protection from eye strain, afternoon headaches, and sleeplessness. Our HEV-Absorb is virtually clear lenses made with a special blue-light blocking polymer that prevents blue light and UV rays from passing through the lens. It is incorporated into the lens material which means the blue-blocking protection won't chip or wear away. 

HEV-Absorb is for everyone!


HEV-Absorb is for digital screen users

These lenses are a smart choice for athletes, those who work in hazardous job environments, and especially for children. Kids have a greater tendency to drop their glasses and play a bit rough, so ideally all children’s frames should have polycarbonate lenses. Polycarbonate lenses are also a good choice for people who wear rimless eyeglass frames where the lenses are attached to the frame components with drill mountings because they are less likely to fracture than regular plastic or glass lenses.

    • Crystal clear lenses and industry leading quality
    • Available in aspheric designs for a thinner, more fashionable look
    • Up to 50% lighter and thinner than plastic or glass lenses
    • Perfect for the majority of eyeglass lens prescriptions

    men working on a computer while wearing Cyxus blue light blocking glasses



    kids wearing Cyxus blue light blocking glasses


    HEV-Absorb is for kids & teens 

    For children today, screen media is consumed from a very young age due to the growing use and presence of digital devices in their day-to-day lives. A 2017 study from Common Sense Media reveals that among children 8 and younger:

    • 42% own tablet devices — a massive increase from only 7% four years ago and less than 1% in 2011.
    • 98% live in a household with some mobile device and TV.
    • 49% watch TV or play video games in the hour before bedtime.
    • All spent an average of 2 hours and 19 minutes a day with screen media.

    Children may be at higher risk for blue light retinal damage than adults. The HEV-Absorb lens absorbs less short-wavelength light than the adult lens,9 allowing more blue light to reach a child’s retina.



    HEV-Absorb is for seniors

    Concerned about age-related macular degeneration.

        women wearing Cyxus blue light blocking glasses


        beautiful girlwearing Cyxus blue light blocking glasses while reading newspaper


        HEV-Absorb is for outdoor enthusiasts 

        Think of it as sunscreen for the eyes.