Disposable Glasses Cloth Anti Fog (30 Pcs)



Suitable products - Resin lens (i.e. Eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles), coated lens, sports glasses lens, camera lens, swimming lens, AR lenses, organic glass, inorganic glass, optical glass, bathroom, helmet, and other transparent glass and plastic.

Anti-fog ingredients - organic polymer and active titanium dioxide (made of green and environmentally friendly materials, harmless to human body, glass, and resin)

Antifogging principle: the fiberglass fiber filament contains special molecules can be To prevent condensation on the lens moisture, no longer troubled by fog.


  • Assist in the care and maintenance of your Cyxus eyewear
  • Help you to extend the life of your Cyxus eyewear

How to use:

  1. Clean the lens with lens frame glasses cleaning solution.
  2. Dry the lens with ordinary microfiber mirror cloth.
  3. Polish the lens with anti-fog mirror cloth, once used it lasts 15 days.
  4. Please keep it sealed when you used it.
  5. It's disposable glasses cloth.
  • Do not drop into water or wash the anti-fog mirror cloth
  • Please put it in a place where children cannot reach it.
  • Please wash your hands after using it.
  • Keep it in a case at room temperature away from high humidity and water.
  • Depending on the environment, there may be little differences in function.
  • If a big difference temperature between out and inside, the coating may appear.




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