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Cyxus photochromic blue light blocking glasses is an innovative model. In addition to the anti-blue light function, the lens will turn gray when exposed to ultraviolet light, which acts as a protection against UV light. Everything you need in one pair!

STYLISH - The vintage polygonal full-rim frame and three-color foot cover make you look so stylish.

Photochromic Anti Blue Light Lens--This magical photochromic lens was designed for a breakthrough purpose, both UV protection and blue light blocking to meet your need.

High transmittance -- Lenses are slightly tinted(light gray) when indoors or at night and the lenses gradually darken as it is exposed to ultraviolet light. But the transmittance is maintained. So your eyes can adapt to the change of the ambient light.

 Great Visual Protcetion --filter the harmful high-energy blue light rays, only transit the beneficial blue-turquoise light. And get darken when exposed to the sunlight, filter 100% of hazardous ultraviolet ray, including UVA/UVB.

Reduce Eyestrain& Sleep Better --Overexposure to digital screen light can cause headaches, tired eyes, and poor sleep. The blue light blocking glasses actually blocks the blue light to anti eye strain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep.

Reduce Eye Strain

Excessive exposure to blue light could lead to digital eye fatigue/exhaustion and vision problems. With Cyxus glasses, no more dry/tired eyes. Anti eye strain when using a phone, tablet, laptop, TV, or computer. Great for anyone who would like long-term eye protection from staring at a screen.

Headache Relief

Blue light can lead to headaches, migraine attacks, and other health issues. Cyxus blue blockers or blue-light filtering glasses will keep you healthy by blocking harmful blue light from digital screens while letting in all other beneficial light. Recommend for anyone who already has a migraine.

Better Sleep

Blue light in the evening tricks the brain into thinking that it is daytime, which inhibits the production of melatonin and reduces both the quantity and quality of sleep. Fortunately, Cyxus blue light blocking glasses can block blue light from entering your eyes and disrupting the natural sleep-wake cycle, improve your sleep.





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