Product Description

What are the Product Features of Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses?

 1. Block the Harmful Blue Light

Cyxus blue light filter glasses can effectively block harmful blue light from the electronic screens, which can lead to eye-fatigue and eye-strain.

 2. Anti-Eyestrain

Cyxus blue light filter glasses can relieve eyestrain,eye dry,eye fatigue and prevent vision falling. Protect your eyes.

 3. Promote Better Sleep

Cyxus blue light filter glasses work by reducing the blue light rays you are exposed to from the electronic screens. Cyxus glasses can reduce eyestrain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep.

4. Block UV Rays

Cyxus blue light filter glasses can block the UV rays.Protect your eyes from the UV from the sun and the electronic screens.

5. High Definition

Cyxus blue light filter glasses have high transmittance. The Lenses are high-definition, which can promote your reading.
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