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What is the harm of Blue Light?

What is Blue Light?

Devices with LED screens release a form of invisible blue light. Blue light is desirable to device manufacturers because of its efficiency and power.

1. Damage Your Eyes

Prolonged exposure to smartphones and tablets can lead to digital eye-strain and eye-fatigue. The discomfort is barely noticeable, but gradually it increases in intensity and can develop into strained vision, pain, and even severe headaches for some.

2. The Harmful Effect of the UV Rays

Devices with LED screens release a form of invisible UV, which can make your skin dry,cause the melanin precipitation on your face.

3. Lead to Insomnia

Studies show that people who use their devices before bed have a harder time falling asleep and staying asleep. Because the strong blue light rays from your device instruct the brain to stay awake by suppressing melatonin production. When melatonin is released it is responsible for starting the natural sleep cycle, interfering with the production of melatonin can cause poor sleep.

4. Make You Fat

Using a smartphone or tablet could make you FAT. Because blue light emitted by these devices could increase hunger. It found that exposure to the blue light these devices emit increases people’s hunger levels meaning they tend to eat more and are more likely to gain weight.

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